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Many potential advertisers lack experience in direct response advertising and/or wrongly assume that TV is too expensive, only generating brand awareness but not measured, cost-effective direct sales.

Buzz Direct Marketing explodes this myth. With over three decades of experience in the UK and Europe, Buzz consistently creates targeted media campaigns driving real cost-effective sales and immediate, easily evaluated results for a variety of clients. These include multi-national brands like WAM Hair, specialised companies such as Mobile PhoneXchange and direct businesses like Core Rhythms and Perfect Fitness.

The Buzz team likes working in direct response because there is a straight link between what you do and the results you get, and that means we squarely focus on providing cost-effective business solutions.

TV advertising is the most effective mass medium available and, in the right hands, can increase sales fast. Buzz uses digital technologies to deliver high-quality commercials, whose main aim is directly to stimulate viewers' interest and understanding of a product and entice them to buy immediately from home. We then select highly responsive targeted TV airtime to maximise cost-effective opportunities for clients’ campaigns, ensuring brand development as well as sales.

You could be advertising your products on TV, quickly and very cost-effectively.