The Buzz team ran Insight Music, at the time Europe's largest DRTV music retailer, for ten years. We created and marketed single and multiple artist compilations via long and short-form TV commercials. Among our successes was Burning Heart, a four-CD power ballad compilation which sold over a third of a million copies. The commercial was so successful that it ran for seven straight years in several EU countries. Other hit multiple artist releases included Drive. Dance and On the Road. Single artist successes included Abba - The Collection, a box set of three CDs and a DVD, and a collection of Roy Orbison's greatest hits that comprised three CDs and a DVD.

We pioneered the use of DRTV to promote mainstream retail releases such as Rolling Stones - 40 Licks; Pink Floyd - Echoes; Beatles - Number Ones and Paul McCartney - Back in the World. In each case, Insight edited a snappy, responsive DRTV version of the promotional advertising and ran a complementary DRTV campaign. The DRTV advertising reached targeted audiences with a direct sales message that generated direct revenue at full retail prices and cost significantly less than the equivalent brand advertising.

For the Rolling Stones. Insight's pan-European DRTV advertising campaign started two weeks ahead of the mainstream launch and continued alongside conventional advertising for the first two weeks of launch. Our campaign results were independently audited and the conclusions were that we had significantly increased the coverage and frequency of the marketing campaign. We also doubled the TV ratings delivery on all adults for a fraction of the cost of the mainstream campaign.

Limited TV advertising was used to launch Pink Floyd - Echoes. Two months after release, Insight deployed DRTV tactically to boost falling retail sales. This TV campaign generated direct revenue and increased retail sales allowing the product to remain in store longer.